Letter from Johnny : 4-22-2020 Today I contemplated the act of suicide because I am being punished, based on a correctional officer’s dishonesty. For five decades I’ve been incarcerated, I’m serving life without the possibility of parole : a living death sentence. Since the age of nine (I’m now 54 years of age), I’ve been…

Online Petition

Sentenced to LWOP at age 19 – Freedom for Johnny! It’s been almost 35 years since Johnny R. Taylor #C83109 was sentenced to LIFE in prison without the possibility of parole. A 54 years of age model prisoner and his friends are advocating for his FREEDOM. SIGN THIS ONLINE PETITION TO SUPPORT THEIR EFFORTS. Johnny…

Johnny’s voice

As you now know, Johnny was sentenced LWOP : Life without the possibility of Parole. But I want to share his message with you and give him the possibility to express himself : A STATE OF INCARCERATION ; UNINCARCERATED I am 54 years of age and for 6 decades I have been in the State…

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