Who am I?

My name is Anne, I’m a French teacher in the Bay of San Francisco. I’m also an artist, songwriter, performer and free soul.

How did I meet Johnny ?

I met him online. No, prisoners are not allowed to have cellphones in jail, but in reality a lot of them have one.

From day one he has been honest about his situation and never lied to me. We had endless phone calls where he would tell me how he ended up incarcerated with a Life sentence ; from his chaotic childhood in East Palo Alto, in a gang and drug infested community, to this night of September 29, 1985 where he committed a crime to protect his pairs from a dangerous gang member.

Johnny had been in and out of juvenile detention facilities since the age of 9, due to an abusive, toxic home environment, a lack of proper role models of either gender, and cyclical poverty. However, while juvenile hall provided shelter and food, the abuse continued. He was offered no therapy or any other treatment even after he attempted to commit suicide.

His mother was only 13 years when she got pregnant and cocaine addict. She was physically violent when she was present. He never met his father and began to steal in order to provide food and basic necessities for himself and his siblings.

Who is Johnny now?

Johnny is a “Sage”.  He’s honestly the most beautiful soul I’ve ever met… He has read thousands of books during his incarceration : psychology, philosophy, law, poetry, spirituality, personal development… 

Sol Weingarten, a famous psychiatrist who worked with him for years became a genuine friend and even offered to pay for his PhD. He made mention of Johnny in one of his published book “My daily rules to live by”.

Johnny is now mentoring other inmates through discussion groups, he’s very inspiring and helps others to make positive changes in their lives. Even prison officers ask him for spiritual guidance and advice. He is committed to make as positive an impact as he possibly on fellow inmates, and make the world a better place.

Why did I create this blog?

This human Being has been incarcerated for 34 years…. 45 years if you add his 11 years in the juvenile hall.

In a cell for 6 decades, in 11 different prisons : Pelican Bay, San Quentin, Folsom state, just to name a few… Beaten, victim of violence, racism, abuse…

Most of his family members passed away including his wife.

Johnny was born in the wrong place, at the wrong moment. He has taken total responsibility for his actions and has become a wise and peaceful soul who has been rehabilitated in the truest sense of that word. He has a full understanding of who he was when he was first incarcerated, and how he has changed and grown to become the productive and contributory person he is today.

Don’t you think he has paid his due to the society?

Don’t you think he deserves a second chance?

Johnny has an immense desire to give back to others and help them develop insight and understanding so they do no head down the path he has been.

How can you help Johnny?

Johnny Taylor is a proper candidate for Clemency or at least Commutation based on his record over these decades in prison, and based as well on the stated policy goals of Governor Newsom.

Please sign this petition and help us reach out Governor Newsom’s office. We’re asking for the Governor’s Clemency or at least a Commutation.

Also share it with your contacts on social medias. Thank you for all the help you could provide.

If you’re willing to know more about Johnny’s story, you can download the Pardon Packet that was sent to the Governor:

With all our gratitude,

Anne & Johnny

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