Johnny’s voice

As you now know, Johnny was sentenced LWOP : Life without the possibility of Parole. But I want to share his message with you and give him the possibility to express himself :


I am 54 years of age and for 6 decades I have been in the State of California’s Penal System; so, it is more than fair to convey that I am an expert on the subject of Incarceration : to put in prison, to subject to confinement.

Over 45 years, I’ve experienced all levels of incarceration. The first level of incarceration was the limitations that I unconsciously placed on myself and on my mental, psychological and emotional development; this in turn, established a lack of prudence, and total disregard for structure. By now, habitual and dysfunctional discipline had become my way of self parenting my own inner child.

Madness and insanity were my constant playmates; I first met them while I was playing inside of one of California’s traveling caves, also know as Juvenile Hall. It was there that I learned to distrust adults; it too, was the first time that I attempted the act of suicide, I was only nine, but by then, I had long been taught to fear living life by a mother who herself had been severely abused…

For blame and excuse has no importance in the reality of an unincarcerated and truly free mind.

It would be so easy to tell you stories that would make you shake your head out of empathy or for emotional support; but this is about the spirit of success of an unincarcerated mind : a state of freedom that knows nothing of the boundaries that is govern by the illusions of time. For you see, while my physical body is indeed of the second level of incarceration, it is a body mastered by excellent health that is completely cared for by the spirit of a healthy mind.

Our spirit being of mind knows what human minds cannot even conceive… So it is by prudence, that I am in practice of our spirit being of mind, a state of Light equal to the radiance of the sun is the spirit of the unincarcerated Being of mind.

I am each and everyone of you free to exist the spirit of Love.

Irew I’me Iam, April 9th 2020.

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